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Specialising in Governance, Sustainability, Leadership Capability and Board Services

Welcome to Asesoria Consulting

Asesoria Consulting provides specialist expertise and consultancy support to organisations in Ireland to assist them in building a sustainable business and creating long term value.

We work with Boards and senior executives from Irish and UK listed companies, large private organisations and the public and not-for-profit sectors.

With a portfolio of initiatives developed over more than 20 years, our services are highly tailored to the individual requirements of each company. We bring experience, knowledge and insight to every Board and organisation we work with.

Our specialist practice areas include: Governance and Board Effectiveness; CSR and Sustainability; Stakeholder Engagement and Non-Financial Reporting; Leadership Capability and Management Development; and Executive Coaching.



Asesoria Consulting
Asesoria Consulting
Asesoria Consulting

Governance & Board Effectiveness

Our Governance and Board Effectiveness Practice, Board Insight brings together experts in all aspects of governance to support Boards across all types of organisations. We undertake Board evaluations and effectiveness reviews across sectors looking at a range of areas that help Boards operate more effectively.   Our team provides the tools and support to help Boards to ensure they are up to date with the latest governance best practice as well as key legal requirements. We have considerable experience of working with the public, private and not-for-profit sectors and are ideally placed to help businesses optimise their Board's performance.  Our best practice is based on the relevant Corporate Governance Code for that sector and we are very familiar with the UK Corporate Governance Code, the Irish Corporate Governance Annex, Code of Practice for the Governance of State Bodies, Irish and UK Charities Governance Codes, as well as other Board and committee best practice.

Governance & Board Effectiveness

Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability

As companies face increasing public scrutiny and regulation influencing the way they conduct their business, we have become a trusted adviser to our clients ensuring regulations and new requirements have timely implementation, using a pragmatic approach appropriate for that organisation. Working to help businesses meet the objectives of Ireland’s National Plan on Corporate Responsibility 2017 – 2020 ‘Towards Responsible Business', whether it is developing a business model; building a CSR or ESG strategy; introducing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); calculating your greenhouse gas emissions; Board and workforce diversity reporting; or creating relevant non-financial KPIs.  We have a wealth of experience in supporting clients through all stages of their corporate responsibility and sustainability development, helping them to reduce risks, improve performance and create opportunities for their business. 

Leadership & Management Development

The most successful organisations are those that embrace diversity and recognise where individuals have a range of talents and experiences that bring ideas and creativity to the business. This enables them to adapt to changing markets and customer demands. Talent at all levels needs to be nurtured and developed to maximise the benefits and opportunities for the organisation. We can support organisations with a leadership framework, including a set of leadership behaviours and development solutions that both reflect and contribute to the desired organisational culture. We provide an integrated approach to leadership, management development, key talent acceleration programmes and succession planning with the goal of supporting businesses to develop diverse leadership teams at all levels. We also provide assessment processes based on a comprehensive and clear definition of role requirements, to reduce error in recruitment and decision making processes. 

Stakeholder Engagement & Non-Financial Reporting

With the increased focus on stakeholder engagement, effective engagement with key stakeholders is an essential component of long term sustainability and business success. We have a proven track record of working with clients on all aspects of their stakeholder programmes, offering services which include the whole process of identifying the most important material issues for organisations and their stakeholders, developing stakeholder strategies and activities, consulting with and reporting back to stakeholders, including the facilitation of stakeholder panels; and reporting on stakeholder activities through corporate reporting.  In addition we have extensive experience of helping organisations develop their reporting against the EU Non-Financial Reporting Directive and making their CSR, responsible business or ESG reporting appropriate to the organisation’s size and the stage of annual report evolution.

Executive Coaching

Our Executive Coaching and Mentoring practice was established to meet client demand for tailored senior development interventions, to complement our other Leadership and Management development services. Our core practice focuses on working with Boards, executive leadership and senior management teams. Our coaches support individuals to fulfil their personal potential without losing sight of the business context. They invest time in understanding the organisation's vision, strategy and culture and use that to apply relevance and sensitivity to their work with individuals and teams. We also deliver coaching and mentoring for people or teams one or two tiers below the senior team, as well as valued senior specialists and high potential future talent.



Asesoria Consulting
Asesoria Consulting
Asesoria Consulting

Contact Asesoria Consulting

For further details on Asesoria Consulting Limited; who we are and what we do, please get in touch with us for a chat. Our team members are more than happy to answer any questions you might have. 

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Asesoria Consulting Limited is part of the Asesoria Group

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